Gym centers located in Brussels

Discover the best spots for working out in Brussels!

fitness lesson
People who like to workout alone as well as those who are more likely to participate in a group lesson will find a fitness club that match their habits.

Hereunder is a list of gym clubs in Brussels classified by the type of exercice. All those fitness centres offer a variety of facilities and services: swimming pools, workout equipment, weights, showers... Some even provide a personal coaching to design special programs.

No matter if you are into swimming, boxing, yoga or Pilates: choose the activity that suits you best and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Move thanks to spinning!

two women in a spinning class
Spinning sessions are a great way to work cardio while having fun. A trainer makes your heart go at a higher pace to burn a huge amount of calories in a minimum of time. Find a class in one of the fitness clubs of Brussels.

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons
You try to find a swimming pool where you or your children can take some swim classes? Stop searching for it; we made a selection for you.

Sport practise for elderly people

Sport practise for elderly people
Aging doesn't mean you have to abandon your hobbies. If you like to do sport, find in the selection many fitness centres providing classes adapted to people of all ages with low impact to prevent injuries.

Benefit from group classes!

Benefit from group classes!
You are looking for a fitness center to get in shape and do some group classes? Here is a list of clubs where they propose various sessions: aeropump, body shape, pilates, zumba

Step in group classes

Step in group classes
Get fit thanks to the step lessons of those fitness clubs especially selected for you. Aerobic stepping is an excellent cardiovascular workout that will help you maintain a healthy weight and a nice shape.

Get a personal trainer

fitness with weights
Your problem has always been the lack of motivation or the fear of not doing great? With the help of a personal trainer, you will have support as well as a program. This expert help you reach your fitness goals.

Pre- and postnatal gym

Pre- and postnatal gym
If you want to exercise but your condition requires precautions. Discover fitness centres that offer special low-impact sessions that are safe for future and young mothers. Yoga, aquagym and more.

Relax at yoga sessions

Relax at yoga sessions
Ease off on the pressure of the everyday life with the yoga sessions proposed by those centers. Yoga can boost your immunity, ease migraines, help you to sleep better and fight food cravings.

Aqua gym classes

Aqua gym classes
Come and visit this page entirely dedicated to sports club where you can practice aqua gym and activities linked like aqua spinning, aqua building, aquaerobic…

Aerobics classes

Aerobics classes
Do you really like to train with rhythm? Find in this selection several nice places offering aerobic lessons. Motivating fitness coaches will lead fun cardio sessions for a lot of calories burned.

Find a fitness club according to your needs in Brussels

You just moved to Brussels and you want to join a fitness club to keep your good habits. You feel a bit lost because there is a profusion of them? What to choose between the low-cost or the high-quality gym centres? Worry no more, our selection will help you to find the one for you!

As other big cities, the capital of Belgium hosts numerous gym clubs, which offer a wide range of services to their members. They provide you with high-tech equipment, as well as different facilities (tennis courts, sauna, hammam, etc.). Most of the time, you can also participate in group lessons.

Why should you exercise?

As everyone knows, regular physical activities are highly recommended by health professionals. The World Health Organization has stated that a person should exercise at least 150 minutes a week at a moderate level to increase life expectancy. The other benefits are a better breath, a better sleep and a general better state. Something that doesn't come to mind at first are the benefits of a physical activity on the brain: it has a positive effect on preventing the risks of depression and release anxiety. Also, it is known to increase your mobility and, consequently, preserve your bones and joints from any injury.

How to choose your workout routine?

There are plenty of different workout that you can practice in your fitness club in Brussels. Each one has its highlights. Regarding the goal you want to achieve, you have the choice between several possibilities:

  • Fitness: whether it is bodyweight or with extra weights (and even other sports equipment such as rings, bands, gymballs...), these exercises strengthen your whole body and increase your muscle mass
  • Yoga: as for fitness exercises, yoga stimulates your muscles as well as increasing your balance and even help you relax
  • Cardio: running, cycling and spinning, dance classes or aerobics, those are excellent workouts to burn calories and target fat

What are the benefits of a membership?

You may think that you don't need to subscribe to a fitness club if you are motivated enough to work out on your own. For some people, physical activity is an outlet that help them relax and release stress or simply their excess energy. Other tend to give up without a company. The latter are welcome in a centre where other members and coaches will share their motivation. Also, even if the motivation is not your problem, it is always recommended to benefit from the advice of a professional so that you can apply the proper technique and design customised sets to achieve your goals.

Find your gym club in Brussels! Under each category you will discover an inventory of fitness centres offering the particular service you are looking for. The vast majority offers full access to their facilities and services with a membership. The subscription will allow you to go to the pool, book a tennis or a squash court, simply use the fitness equipment or work out with a personal coach if you feel the need. Sometimes, you can get a pass for a number of classes, so that you do not feel that you have to go twice a week.

Fitness centres provide you good material during group classes in order to train and sweat in the best conditions without investing in expensive accessories. Spice up your gym sessions thanks to weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells. Complicate your workout sessions with Gym and Medicine Balls, elastic bands and even balance boards. Request more force with the help of pillows and Pilates rings.

If you are interested in increasing your flexibility and find inner peace while strengthening your muscles, the discipline of yoga may be for you. As you are doing the movements, you have to focus on your breath and the rhythm. In many ways, it looks like meditation. Even though you do not increase your heart rate, it is still a good way to tone your body, especially your abdominal wall.

Find the discipline that suits you the best in your gym club in Brussels:

  • You like cardio? Dance classes, zumba lessons, aerobics, but also stairs, biking, elliptical and running...: all these options are available in the vast majority of the fitness centres
  • You need the advice of a professional? If you are a beginner or if you already experienced an injury before, the best solution is to follow group sessions where the coach will explain all the moves or to require the assistance of a personal trainer in your club.
  • You want to build muscle? You can make exercises with weight and machines targeting a muscle group or participate in classes such as Bodypump.
  • You want an effective, but also relaxing workout? Yoga, Pilates or core and body-strength exercises focus on the form of the move and not on the pace so that you will train softly.

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