Where to find aerobic lessons in Brussels ?

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : prestigious fitness and aerobics classes in Brussels

In the heart of the Louise quarter, this private and exclusive club offers a wide range of group classes including aerobics, salsa, body jam, step, zumba… all the latest trends in luxurious setting.

- high quality group classes
- pool, spa, hammam, sauna
- modern equipment
- expert advice from sports specialists


In Woluwe, the prestigious club Aspria Royal La Rasante offers 130 group classes including aerobics but also zumba, step, body attack, aquafit, boxing work-out… There is something for everyone ! 

You can also take advantage of a fitness room, 7 tennis courts, a spa, hammam, sauna, 2 pools, beauty treatments and find many activities for kids.

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : aerobics classes in the heart of the European quarter

In the heart of the European quarter, aerobics classes are available in sophisticated surroundings.

- group classes led by top instructors
- multilingual teachers
140 other group classes including zumba,
  body attack, spinning, salsa…
- ultra modern fitness facilities for cardio and
  muscle-building workouts
- cosmopolitan customers sharing your interests

STADIUM- Brussels

STADIUM- Brussels
Be a member of this fitness center of Brussels and follow quality aerobics classes composed by a warming-up, exercises and tense-up to finish.

Tel : 02 / 414 40 41

WINNER'S - 1210 Brussels

WINNER'S - 1210 Brussels
In Saint-Josse-ten-Noode in Brussels, this gym club is the perfect place to get in shape. There are 2 aerobic rooms (muscular, cardiovascular, stretching) and a fitness room.
Tel: 02 / 280 02 70


This fitness club in Brussels offers a wide range of classes including aerobics. This kind of exercise is not only beneficial for the heart and muscles but also helps the immune system, reduces diseases, improves mental health and increases longevity.
Tel : 02 / 379 32 00


Do you want to train with music? The Culture Club welcomes you for several classes such as zumba, spinning and so on. Perfect disciplines to have fun while working your whole body. You won't even feel the pain.

Tel. : 02 / 647 99 36

More information about aerobics in Brussels

As a cardio exercise, aerobics demands more oxygen, then your breath will quicken, your heartbeat will accelerate. This discipline can include training such as cycling, swimming and even jogging since the goal is to repeat some movements as fast as you can in order to increase the rythm of your heart and breath and, consequently, bosst your metabolism. More often it will refer to a kind of dance with accessories or not practised in fitness clubs.