Lessons of Aqua Gym

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : fitness and aquagym in a green setting

Aspria Royal La Rasante, the prestigious fitness and sports club in Woluwe (Brussels) offers you many group classes in pool.

- Aquagym
- Aqua Fit, Aqua Basic, Aqua Relax
- Fit Bumps Aqua (class for expectant mothers)
- swimming
A spa with hammam, jacuzzi, sauna, a nursery and a wide range of activities for children of all ages.

NEMO 33 - Brussels (Uccle)

aquagym group lessons

Known for being the deepest pool in Brussels, Nemo 33 is located in the municipality of Uccle. You can learn to dive. 

The place also offer aquagym and aquaspinning sessions. Those activities are beneficial for blood circulation and help to decrease fat and cellulite. The water is warmed to 30°C. You have the possibility to book one session or 10-sessions at once.

Tel: 02 / 332 33 34

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : aquagym in the heart of Brussels

In the heart of the European quarter, come and dive into the pool of Aspria Arts-Loi and join one of the 140 group classes, including aquagym.

- Aqua Fit
- Aqua Step
- Fit Bumps Aqua (class for expectant mothers)
A 21 meter pool, a spa with hammam and sauna as well as state-of-the-art fitness equipment are all on the menu at Aspria Arts-Loi.

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : prestigious fitness and aquagym facilities in Brussels

In the heart of the Louise quarter of Brussels, this exclusive club offers a selection of group classes in a luxurious and spacious pool.

- Hydro Pilates
- swimming
These classes are given by professionnals for everyone.

Relaxation areas are available around the pool.

Do you offer aquagym's classes in Brussels ?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

What benefits can you expect from aquagym sessions?

If you are not used to work out or if you are afraid to lose quickly your motivation to exercise, aquagym may be a good solution for you. This is a sports practice that doesn't require special skills and that is relatively soft for your joints thanks to the water that absorbs the impact.

  1. The movements are easy to repeat.
  2. Aquagym makes every muscle work.
  3. Injuries are very unlikely: as there is no impact and as the body is carried by the water, it is very rare to have a muscle or a joint injury.
  4. It improves blood circulation: the pressure of the water –added to the exercise– has a boosting effect on your body.
  5. The number of calories burnt is higher: thanks to the resistance of water, the movements take more energy than when exercising in the air. It is the same as if you had to use weights but without equipment.
  6. For women, it can reduce the cellulite, thanks to the hydromassage.
  7. Last but not least, it appeases: exercises in water –whether it is swimming, polo or gym– is known to be exhausting and help people to find sleep easier.

All these advantages make it a good sport practise for pregnant women, beginners, people who are recovering from an injury or even elderly people.

Information published on the webpage Brussels Gym / Aquagym.

Aquagym lessons in Brussels : for who and when?

As an active woman, you don't want your pregnancy to stop you from working out? Nevertheless, many activities are not advised during this whole period. For example, the ones that may result in injuries and where risk of falling are high. Fortunately, there is a list of low-impact, but still very effective, workouts you could practice. Among them, aquagym is a cardio session that make every part of your body work. With soft gestures under water, ther eis absolutely no risk for your articulations. Moreover, the soreness is often much less strong on the next day. This type of exercise is also suitable to the elderly, whom articulations cannot suffer from physical activities.

If you are a sport aficionado who goes to cardio classes and workout a lot, you may think that type of exercise is too easy for you. Nevertheless, this kind of lessons sollicitates the muscles of your whole body and leaves you exhausted at the end. A person weighing 55 kg (approximately 125 lbs) may burn up to 240 kcal during a 1-hour class. Do not forget that water adds a resistance to every movement, and it is even possible to use weights and other accessories to make the exercise harder.

Another benefit of aquagym is purely about comfort: when your are in the pool, you don't feel the warmest temperatures in the middle of the summer. That means you don't have to skip your physical activities if there is a heatwave or if a hot weather tend to decrease your motivation. This is a nice activity for all year long. Finally, whether you are intermediate or not, this is a workout that is easy to follow, where you will add more or less resistance according to your level and your skills.

Discover other pools in Brussels

If you are looking for a fun physical activity and safe for your joints, discover the aquagym lessons offered by these pools in and near Brussels.

STADIUM - Brussels: If you are expecting a baby or have joint problems and want to adapt your training sessions, this modern pool holds aquagym classes in Brussels. Among other things, you can also try boxing, sculpting and even biking in the water. Those are excellent exercices for your breath and for your bloodflow. Tel: 02 / 414 40 41.

NEW ARCHIMEDE - Brussels: This private pool located in Ixelles suggests several activities like aquagym and swimming lessons. The water's temperature is 32 degrees which is ideal for young kids and adults who would like to relax. Tel. : 0473 / 86 92 98.

CASTLE CLUB - Wezembeek-Oppem: Castle Club is a sports centre where every child and adult can choose among a great number of activities. The members are given access to the private pool for swimming lessons but also for aquagym classes, suitable for pregnant women and seniors. Tel : 02 / 731 68 20.

AQUATHERMA - Overijse: You want to exercise in a nice atmosphere? Aquatherma provides lessons such as aquagym, aquapower and many more in high-end facilities. Try their classes and also benefit from sauna and massages. Tel : 02 / 307 84 31.

POSEIDON - Woluwe-Saint-Lambert: This pool located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert offers a wide range of activities for children and adults: baby-swimming, aqua zumba and aquagym. These aquagym sessions will help you to reach your goals and gain a progressive muscle mass. Tel : 02 / 771 66 55.