Train with a fitness coach in Brussels

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : Personal Trainers in the European quarter

Aspria Arts-Loi offers you the services of multilingual experts in sport, health and wellbeing. 

They will help you achieve your goals individually.
- muscle-building
- preparation for skiing, marathon…
- weight loss, cardio-vascular support
Aspria’s Personal Trainers monitor your progress and boost your motivation every day.

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : a Personal Trainer in a luxurious club

In the heart of the Louise quarter in Brussels, meet an Aspria Personal Trainer who will get you back in shape, prepare you for a marathon, or help you with any other sporting objective you may have.
Prestigious and ultra-modern facilities and a dynamic training programme tailored to your needs. 

An exclusive private club for an intensive training.

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : Personal Trainers in a prestigious club

The sports specialists of Aspria Royal La Rasante in Woluwe (Brussels) supervise your training individually

Whether you are preparing for the 20K of Brussels or improving fitness, they will adapt your training programme to meet your needs.
An ultra-modern 1000m² fitness room, 7 tennis courts, a spa and kids activities are all part of this prestigious club.

Personal training and follow-up

logo Feel Good
This gym club in Brussels offers you the best follow-up by a personal trainer to get you in good shape. They  ensure quality and the best training programmes.
Tel : 0486 / 50 30 52

PUREFIT- Brussels (Uccle)

Pure Fit logo fitness center
Thanks to your own coach, you will reach your goal whatever it is : more strength, lose weight, less anxiety, improve your flexibility... You will receive here personal advice according to your current situation.

Tel: 0473 / 54 25 98

WORLD CLASS - Brussels (Ixelles)

woman doing sports with a trainer
At World Class, located in Ixelles, 1050 Brussels, personal trainers are there to advice you and to meet your needs. Personalized program available.
Tel: 02 / 503 15 57


outdoor session
Achieve your fitness goals with the help of this personal trainer who will monitor you in order to adapt your program at your needs. Nutrition advices can also be provided.
Contact him on his website.

Tel : 0484 / 93 02 22


Call this specialized sports coach, graduated and experienced, for a personalized program : physical preparation, city training session, etc. He also gives some advice for an healthy nutrition in order to optimize your trainings.


If you want to get fit but are not able to motivate yourself on your own, the support of a professional coach may help you. That is the reason why Functional Training hires the best trainers in town. They will elaborates programs according to your physical condition and special needs.

Do you provide personal training in Brussels?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

The benefits of a personal trainer

Whether you were already practicing fitness on your own or you have just subscribed a membership to a fitness club, you would like to get the help of a professional. You may not know exactly what you are capable of doing and what is actually good for you or you may have been practicing some movements in a bad form. Find an activity that suits you, that works for you and that you may improve is the first step. This is why the presence of a personal trainer (also called "PT) by your side is often required.

First of all, this workout expert will have a conversation with you in order to know your habits (work hours and the type of work, meals, active lifestyle, etc.) and what are your goals. In some cases, he also makes an overall check-up. From this, he elaborates a fitness programme that suits you with achievable aims and set a way of improvement that will come later. So you will have a step-by-step programme to keep you motivated.

When starting the programme, your PT will show you how the different exercises should be executed. During the first couple of sessions, he will guide you through the programme and will possibly do the exercises along with you. Thanks to that, you will be able to accomplish them in the best way possible and therefore get the most out of it. It is also a way to prevent muscle injuries and pain, which can happen very easily if you are a newcomer in a fitness club.

If you are already familiar with the practice of sport, this professional can lead you through new challenges or train you for a special event such as a marathon and other kinds of competitions.

Information published on the 12th of October 2021, on the webpage Brussels Gym / Personal trainer.

Extra Information

Are you searching for a personal trainer in Brussels ? We have drawn up a helpful list of personal trainers and fitness clubs throughout the city. These professional coaches will help you devise a workout plan, complete with specific exercises and routines. Some of them can also provide dietary advice.

When looking for a personal trainer, don't hesitate to ask a few questions. What kind of fitness does he or she practice (circuit training, bodyweight exercises, etc.)? Do the sessions take place at the gym or at your home ? Can you also get a nutrition plan based on your fitness goals ? Don't forget to mention any injuries you may have had in the past as well as any pain points you get while training, so the trainer can adapt your program accordingly.

We also invite you to visit our page Gym Woluwe, on which you can find other fitness centers based in Brussels.