Pools in the capital

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : 2 pools in a green area in Brussels

The prestigious Aspria Royal La Rasante club in Woluwe welcomes you with 2 pools overlooking the gardens, as well as a spa with sauna and hammam. 

There are swimming lessons for all ages, aqua classes, and also 7 tennis courts, a nursery and a wide range of activities for kids. 

Not forgetting the fitness and group classes.


outside of longchamp pool
Located in a modern building, Longchamp pool is one of the best in Brussels.

- a 33-meters pool
- a high-quality water
- several lessons: aquabike, diving...

After your workout, spend time in the solarium or the cafeteria. Residents of Uccle can also benefit from a reduced price.

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : a 21 meter pool in the heart of the European quarter

Ideally located in the heart of the European quarter, Aspria Arts-Loi is really a meeting place for expats of all nationalities.

Dive in an indoor 21m pool before enjoying a luxurious spa with hammam, jacuzzi and sauna.

Aspria Arts-Loi also offers great fitness facilities and 140 group classes per week including aquagym and aquafit.

DAVID LLOYD - Brussels

DAVID LLOYD - Brussels
The fitness club David Lloyd in Brussels is the place where you can work out and relax. Find a series of classes and many fitness rooms and courts, but also two large swimming pools.

- swimming lessons (indoor –25m-long– and outdoor-20m– spaces)
- kids sessions

Get a membership and enjoy all the facilites, including a relaxing spa with a jacuzzi and a sauna.

Tel : 02 / 379 32 00

Do you own a swimming pool in Brussels ?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

The right equipment for your swimming training

Whether you're swimming freestyle in one of these pools or in a group lesson, you'll need the right equipment for this physical activity in the water:

  • A swimming costume: essential for swimming! Men should avoid shorts, while women should opt for a swimming costume with a sporty cut so you can move freely.
  • Swimming goggles: useful for seeing underwater and avoiding irritated eyes, they can also be adapted to your eyesight if you're short-sighted, for example.
  • A swimming cap: protects your hair from the products in the pool water and can even improve your speed.
  • A nose clip: some people use them for certain swims such as breaststroke or freestyle, and this tool will keep water out of your nose.
  • Fins: for some classes, you may need this equipment, which is useful for strengthening muscles and enabling you to swim more quickly.
  • Towel: of course, you'll need to dry off when you get out of the pool! Make sure you have a towel that dries quickly so that you can put it back in your bag without without getting all your stuff wet.

Information published on the webpage Brussels Gym / Swimming pools.

More information about these swimming pools

Whether you're an active person or you are just beginning sport, swimming is a great activity. First of all, it helps you build muscles you don't often use or train otherwise. If you are pregnant or suffer from joint problems, this low-impact sport is particularly adapted for you. It also prevents some injuries typically related to sport. Moreover, water is known for reducing stress.

You would like to know what type of swimming technique suits you the best? Here are the most common strokes:

  • Breaststroke is the style often used by beginners, the one we usually learn first. It is also named "frog-style" in reference to the gesture you make to swim. You can rise your head over the water which allows you to breathe. Even though, it is a highly demanding technique.
  • Front crawl is known as the fastest stroke, often used during competitions. Arms and legs are alternatively going in the water to move the body forward.
  • Butterfly is a complex stroke where both arms move simultaneously. The whole shoulders and chest jump out of the water in addition to a kick to propel the body.
  • Finally, backstroke is interesting for all the people struggling with breath, since you swim on your back.

Safety and hygiene first!

In order to prevent injuries and also sanitary problems, there are many requirements that every public pools in Brussels has to fulfil. First of all, there is a restricted number of people allowed at the same time. This will guarantee your comfort while swimming. It also has another interest in order to limit the development of bacteria and germs. Of course, the pools must have a fully operational filtering sytem, the pH value has to be controlled and so on. The use of some pool ozone, chlorine and other substances is allowed to a certain extent. The goal is to provide a fresh and clean water for everyone.

A few facts about the swimming practice

Do you know that one hour of swimming may burn up to 40% more calories than the same amount of time spent biking and 30% more than running for one hour? It is a highly demanding workout that uses your whole body. That is the reason why you're often hungry and exhausted after one session at the pool.

In addition to being an excellent cardio exercise, swimming is also helpful for people with asthma and cardiovascular problems. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and therefore depression.

Another interesting fact is that there are "baby swimmers" lessons where young toddlers can get used to be in a water environment. They can learn different movements to swim more efficiently from the age of 1 year.

Find other pools in Brussels

If you feel as comfortable as a fish when you're in the water or if you want to improve your swimming practise, have a look at the selection hereunder. You may follow a class with personal trainers or go and swim on your own.

CALYPSO 2000 - Brussels: You can enjoy swimming in this large pool located in Brussels. The services include lessons for adults and babies. Discover other sports performed in the water such as aquagym and aquabike. Tel : 02 / 675 48 99.

NEPTUNIUM - Schaerbeek: A large pool and personal locker rooms, Neptunium welcomes you in fully-renovated spaces. This area is open to individuals who want to swim freely or follow classes as well as to school groups. There is also a small pool for children and swimming baby. Rue de Jérusalem 56. Tel: 02 / 215 74 24

PISCINE D’IXELLES - Brussels: Would you like to swim in a quality environment ? This establishment located in Brussels puts its swimming pool at your disposal to take advantage of the 28°C water and to spend a relaxing moment.

ESPADON - Brussels: Whether you want to practise swimming on a daily basis or just want to relax in water, Espadon is the best place for you. The pool is available for people who want to train alone, but also for classes (aquagym, aqua-athletics, aquabike, and aqua-pole). There is also a spa including sauna, hammam and jacuzzi. Tel : 02 / 640 38 38.

AQUA HEAVEN: Do you need a new place where you can work out at peace, in the best conditions? Are you looking for a motivating activity? The benefits of swimming for your health are endless. If you want to practice this wonderful sport, discover the aquacenter of Aqua Heaven. Tel : 02 / 270 17 17.