Spinning lessons in Brussels

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : spinning classes in the heart of the European quarter

Aspria Arts-Loi helps you to be motivated and to get a healthy lifestyle. Within its extensive range of group classes (over 140 per week), you can take part in spinning classes.

Ideal for all those who want to lose weight quickly, to maintain and to develop their cardiac capacity… 

Mountain, time trial, sprint, recovery  - all these programs offer a true and intense training in a unique atmosphere motivated by the best teachers in all languages.

Take part to spinning classes at ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE

At the prestigious club Aspria Royal La Rasante, you can take part in spinning classes, cardio training on the bike:

- 3 types of training : endurance, strenght and interval
- monitored  heart-rates for specific results

Our professionals also provide you with personal trainings

Many other group classes are available in this club located in a green environment in Woluwe.

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : spinning classes in the heart of the Louise quarter

This private and exclusive club offers you a range of group classes of the highest quality including spinning.

This cardio workout on a bike focuses on raising the heart-rate.

You will also receive expert advices from sport specialists.

STADIUM - Brussels

STADIUM - Brussels
This fitness center suggests you many activities : collective lessons, coaching, spinning, badminton, zumba, squash, etc. Go training in a nice and pleasant atmosphere to stay fit or develop your body's muscles.


Get the best spinning classes in this club located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. Large levels choice: candy, performance, journey, foundation…

Tel : 0492 / 98 35 45

FIT FOR FREE ! - Anderlecht

Located in Brussels, precisely in Anderlecht, this fitness club offers a wide range of classes : spinning but also abs, zumba, body combat, body pump, body step, total body, sh'bam and keep fit.

Tel : 02 / 588 72 49


Would you like to try out spinning in Brussels ? This fitness studio focuses both on the mind and body, helping people to achieve a healthier lifestyle. You can choose from a wide range of disciplines, all taught by experienced, passionate teachers. The spinning classes, set to dynamic music, will help you attain a more toned body and firmer muscles.
Tel : 02 / 513 07 66


Wide variety of training methods like spinning. At World Class in Brussels, cardio training is essential.
Qualified instructors will help you achieve your targets.

Tel : 02 / 503 15 57

What to expect during a spin class?

You may already have heard about spinning and if you often go to the gym, you may even have seen all those people biking at the same pace following the music rhythm. This American discipline appeared in the 1990s. It is recognised to burn major calories in a minimum of time.

If you are not used to a cardio workout, you may be afraid by the intensity of the sessions. Nevertheless, this sport is acknowledged by doctors because it prevents the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Even beginners are recommended to follow those classes. The pace of the workouts is also a great advantage for a quick and efficient weight loss.

So, if you finally decide to book a class, be sure to arrive on time because you will have to adjust the bike to your sports level and your body: saddle and pedal height, distance with the handlebar, but also resistance level. As a woman, even if you think it is a low impact activity, make sure you have the right sports bra, because you will move a lot and comfort is essential.

Information published on the 30th July 2020 on the webpage Brussels Gym / Spinning.