Fitness centers offering step lessons in Brussels

Step and other gym classes at ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE

The prestigious club Aspria Royal La Rasante in Woluwe offers 130 group classes including step.
- family club with activities for all ages
- 7 tennis courts and 2 pools
- nursery for children

Get fit in a relax family atmosphere and a green area in Brussels.

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : step classes in the heart of the Louise quarter

In the heart of the luxurious Louise quarter, this exclusive club offers a selection of group classes including step, spinning, aerobics, salsa, body jam, zumba… all the latest trends in luxurious facilities.

- high quality group classes
- pool, spa, hammam, sauna
- expert advice by sports specialists

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : step courses in the centre of Brussels

In the heart of the European quarter, 140 group classes including step are offered in high-end infrastructures.

Fitness specialists welcome you in all languages to provide you step classes, spinning, Body Attack, Sh'Bam, boxing work-out ...

Step courses help you to burn unwanted calories.


women taking a step lesson
Want to have some fun while burning calories? Thanks to Step Tonic, a fatburning class accessible at Stadium Kinetix, you can learn the basic step moves and improve your health at the same time.
Tel : 02 / 560 02 60


Benefit from a series of group activities given by talented and stimultating coaches. Some of the disciplines require the use of steps and other kind of equipment to work effectively your strength and your balance.

Tel. : 02 / 647 99 36


Jims Fitness in Brussels provides you quality step aerobics classes.
This discipline comes with many benefits to your health. You can burn belly fat and lose weight. 

Tel : 02 / 502 50 78


This fitness club located in Evere suggests you several group sessions given by experienced coachs :  zumba, step, body balance, body pump, etc. You can also use many quality machines of Basic Fit and personalize your training.

More information about step practice

Are you interested in practising sport that reinforce your endurance, but also that requires a lot of coordination? Step is then the ideal exercise! Moreover, as it goes fast, you can burn up to 500 calories in 1-hour session without even feeling exhausted. The fitness clubs in the above list offer you fun and effective workouts.