Where to find yoga lessons in Brussels?

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : wellbeing and yoga right in the heart of Brussels

In a haven of peace and luxury in the heart of the prestigious Avenue Louise, the private club Aspria Avenue Louise invites you to relax in upscale infrastructures.
Take part to a yoga class to develop your flexibility and introduce you to the art of breathing and meditation.

Then relax in the pool or spa with sauna, hammam and jacuzzi.

Relax thanks to ASPRIA ARTS-LOI's yoga sessions

Relax in Aspria Arts-Loi in the heart of Brussels, in the European quarter.

Many yoga classes are gived: hatha yoga, kundalini yoga ...

These courses, taught by qualified instructors in all languages, allow you to connect physical, mental and spiritual.

Enjoy the relaxation area with its sauna, hammam and jacuzzi.

Take part in yoga lessons at ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE

Surrounded by nature in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, the prestigious club Aspria Royal La Rasante offers many yoga classes and provides everything to ensure your well-being.
- Ashtanga Yoga for beginners
- Hatha yoga or authentic yoga: 1 year of practical application

Yoga allows to excel yourself connecting the physical, mental and spiritual.

Activities for your whole family and childcare.

BIKRAM YOGA - Brussels

BIKRAM YOGA  - Brussels
Would you like to discover the practice of yoga? Try the Bikram yoga and feel all the benefits: lose weight, relieve stress, gain flexibility and many more…

Tel : 0495 / 99 95 41


In the heart of Brussels, the Sampoorna Yoga Studio offers you a wide range of yoga classes: for children, for young mothers, meditation, yin yoga...
Tel: 0490 / 459 260


To find the inner calm, go to these classes and workshops, given by this qualified professor. Choose between the hatha yoga, a soft gym providing a better flexibility and mobility, the yoga nidra to improve your sleep or the prenatal yoga, specially designed for the pregnant women.


Follow yoga classes in Brussels thanks to this sport centre. Qualified teachers offer you several variants of this discipline for your relaxation or muscle strengthening : hatha or vinyasa yoga and even sessions for future mothers. It will help you feel stronger and more flexible.

Do you give yoga classes in Brussels?

As a professional in this field, if you are active in the Brussels area and if you are experienced, you can join our network. We provide you various customised solutions in order to increase your public recognition and expand your client basis.

Benefits of yoga

You may not know it, but yoga can be done by young or senior people. In fact, this sport can be practiced at almost any age and is a good sport for anyone who is trying to stay fit.

Furthermore, this activity focus itself on breathing and does not constitute a risk for your heart. It is an exercise adapted for seniors since you can practise it even if you have diverse health problems. The level may be adapted to avoid the more difficult postures, so that people overwork their muscles or risk injuries. 

Yoga is also known for its therapeutic qualities, like improving well-being, balance, and flexibility. This activity stimulates cardiovascular and immune systems. It has a huge positive impact on joints, what makes it an interesting solution to relieve rheumatism and arthritis. 

Yoga helps you to reinforce both your physical and mental health. As a consequence, it helps seniors and younger people to gain energy, fight depression and anxiety.

Information published on the webpage Brussels Gym / Yoga.

Learn more about the art of yoga

If you are interested in yoga, you probably already know the benefit on your mind and your body, but have you already heard about the diverse disciplines that exist? For more balance and flexibility, Hatha Yoga is ideal because you perform different postures and focus on your breath. If you want to move faster, the Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga focus on the fluidity of your movements. Now, if you are afraid of being bored, the Power Yoga is made for you. It brings you a lot of energy.

Yoga is an ancient discipline which could date back to over 5,000 years ago according to the sources, but some even say it could be older than 10.000 years. It was practised by the Indus-Sarasvati civilisation, in North India. Their version includes rituals, songs and mantras, some of which are still used today.

Find a centre in Brussels

Here is a list of other centres and yoga experts:

YOGA SARAH - Ixelles: Do you want to build a strong core and relax at the same time? Sarah has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years; she offers lessons in Brussels for beginners as well as experts who would like to learn Vinyasa, a dynamic form of yoga to get plenty of energy in just one hour. Tel: 0498 / 292 333.

CREYDA: Creyda is a relaxation centre located in Brussels where you have access to individual or collective yoga classes; for a better environment and find your inner peace more easily, there will never be more than 7 people practicing at the same time. Tel: 0474 / 97 16 57.