Activities for young mothers

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : Fit Bumps and Fit Mums in the heart of the European quarter

The sport and wellbeing experts of Aspria Arts-Loi have created and supervised pre- and post-natal exercise classes:

- revitalise muscles that have lost strength
  or tone
- specific massages for you and your baby
- meet other new mums
- your baby joins in, or nursery if needed
available to non-members

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : classes for new mums

Situated in a green area, this club is the perfect place to get back in shape during pregnancy or after birth

The experts of Aspria Royal La Rasante have created and supervised specific pre- and post-natal exercise classes

Getting in shape with other expectant or new mums is more fun too. 

Your babies are very welcome.


Logo Geotraining
Do you want to stay fit after giving birth ? This professional coach suggests postnatal gym lessons adapted to young mothers since more than six weeks : smooth exercises for the back and the abdominals which guarantee you excellent results.

NEMO 33 – Uccle

NEMO 33 – Uccle
Discover this amazing and famous swimming pool of Brussels where you can practice prenatal aqua-gym with professional instructors.

Tel : 02 / 332 33 34

Physical activities for young mothers in Brussels

If you were used to working out a lot before having your child, you may miss physical activity. Fortunately, there are some exercises you are allowed to do a few days or a few weeks after the delivery. Walking and cycling are a possibility. All activities in the water are also a good idea. Remember to give some rest to your body and that you need the approval of your physiotherapist.  It is necessary to follow your perineal reeducation in order to prevent problems in the future.